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“A Touch of Class” is an opportunity for students, staff, parents and community members to recognize BISD employees for the positive work they do for children and the district.

When “A Touch of Class” nomination is received, a certificate along with a copy of the nomination will be sent to the supervisor of the honoree. The supervisor will determine the appropriate time and place to recognize the employee with their certificate. In addition, random comments will be selected to be shared on the district's Web site as well as in the “B-News” and the employee newsletter, “e-nlightened.”

Below are some recent samples of what the community is saying about our wonderful BISD employees:

"Mrs. Armold is the friendliest and most enthusiastic librarian I have ever known. She is excited about books, programs, and book fairs. My students love her positivity and enthusiasm."

  - Nomination received for Pam Armold , Snow Heights Elementary

"I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with Nicole on a daily basis. She is a fantastic aide who will do whatever is needed, often going above and beyond the daily expectations. Nicole has a wonderful rapport with our students and always makes sure their needs are met. Thank you, Nicole, for all you do!"


- Nomination received for Nicole Hackney, Snow Heights Elementary School


"Mrs. Pollum is amazing. Our school is such a better place to work because of her caring, can-do attitude. To name all she does would be impossible. All I know is she is simply AMAZING! Thank you Jay for being ... YOU, a woman of substance and integrity."


- Nomination received for Jay Pollum, Spicer Elementary


"... I've never encountered such a loving, kind and competent individual. She embraces every student's unique abilities allowing them to grow in their own way. She has taken the required educational box and uses it, not to define her students, but to give them someplace to jump from. Thank you, Angela!!! You have given my child something he will carry with him always, a sense of who he is as a scholar."


- Nomination Angela Thompson, Walker Creek Elementary


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